Artists Series Vol. 7: 3 MC’s

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Artists Series Vol. 7: 3 MC’s

I still remember when I was a kid and we’d go out to dinner we would always pester my Dad to take us to the record store and buy us each a record. Inevitably he’d fall for it and we’d all walk away with the latest and greatest by Irene Cara. Being the youngest I wasn’t allowed to buy records and had to buy cassettes, but when I finally got the go ahead to buy an actual LP that I could play on my parents’ stereo there was no question what my first choice was – Licensed to Ill. At the time even to their biggest fans they seemed like a flash in the pan. Hilarious, irreverent, delightful but ultimately short-lived.

Paul’s Boutique slid under my radar until I was already in college but Check Your Head landed in my consciousness like an atom bomb. I vividly recall days spent driving around the city with friends blasting that record on continuous loop. But even then it was still impossible to believe that the Beastie Boys would last, the record was a cool second act but surely, like all reinventions it would eventually fade.

And yet here we stand, nearly 20 years after Licensed to Ill appeared looking back on a band that not only continually reinvented themselves, they continually reinvented the genre. We know we can’t accomplish what they accomplished, but we gave it our best shot. In their honor we present Artists Series Volume 7: 3 MC’s, a Double IPA Experience.

We created this gigantic double IPA using towering amounts of Pilsner malt to get the cleanest, crispest body and then used pound after pound of hops featuring only “M” and “C” and topped it all off with a hard-charging, clean burning yeast designed for gigantic hoppy IPA’s. And that’s where most double IPA’s would stop – with a dank, hop explosion. But we weren’t content to stop there. We took another huge dosing of whole leaf hops and crafted a mammoth torpedo to circulate the beer through giving the hops another layer of fresh, unfiltered and uncontained aroma. All of that sits on a 9.8% ABV body that cuts through the hops and brings the bitter out in a slow, sustained symphony.

So give it a whirl and who knows – maybe it’s a beer with the staying power of the Beasties.

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