2013 – 2016

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2013 – 2016

It’s been an astounding first three years – none of us expected we’d find ourselves here in just three short years. From Kevin and I working our day jobs while opening to a fully staffed brewery, taproom and sales and delivery team it’s been an amazing journey.

This Saturday we’re taking the opportunity to say thank you.

We’ll be pulling a full-on Willy Wonka and opening up our doors to all comers so you can see what happens during the day behind our closed doors. Starting at Noon we’ll be brewing a full production batch of Snake Oil Super Pale Ale. The tap room will be open, we’ll have food and plenty of seating and anyone who is interested can hang out and watch us go through a full day. Kevin and I will both be on hand so anyone who wants will be able to take a tour of our equipment while we’re in production and we’ll happily field all of your questions. If you’ve ever wondered what goes on in our brewery while you’re all happily snug in your cubicle this is your chance.

In addition to opening early we’ll be joined by two of our earliest food truck friends – Mai Chau and Aromaku were two of the first trucks to ever come out to the brewery and we’re thrilled to bring them out for this special event. Mai Chau is going to be serving lunch starting at 12 and serving until 4 and Aromaku will be serving dinner starting at 5 and running until 9.

But that’s not all – we’ll have some super special beer offerings on hand to celebrate. First up is Drie – an astounding Triple IPA fermented on Belgian yeast. It’s not often beer leaves us grasping for ways to describe it but this beer leaves us speechless. It erupts with giant Belgian notes of clove and phenol and pepper and spice and mingles oh so enticingly with those giant American hop notes of citrus and grapefruit backed up by a pounding bitter and a full-bodied 10.0% ABV.

We will also have a special pair of casks to celebrate – first up is Thorpenny – a Tenpenny cask finished with Columbus grown by our very own Thor in his backyard hop garden. Following that is … And One DJ – a 3 MC’s cask conditioned with grapefruit and mango to add a juicy, fruity note on top of an already fantastic beer.

Thank you for all of your support, it means more than you can imagine.

Adam and Kevin

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