Artists Series Vol. 9: Homemade Vision IPA

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Artists Series Vol. 9: Homemade Vision IPA

It’s been a constant source of joy getting to flex our creative muscles – not only with our main line beers but with our Artists Series as well. This time out we get a chance to team up with a crew who seems to enjoy it just as much as we do. It’s our honor to present the Homemade Vision IPA – dedicated to Angela Perley and the Howlin’ Moons – beyond a doubt one of the best bands operating out of Columbus.

The delightful thing about creativity is the open boundaries it gives us – to begin in one place and let the creative spirit take you where it will. And the whole time to accumulate knowledge and experience that you can bring to bear as you tackle the next set of challenges. It’s a process we’ve become intimately acquainted with in the brewery with and one that Angela and the band have worked through in their songwriting. It’s a mark of bravery and trust to allow that process to take you to places you didn’t expect to go and their music has walked that path. Thus far, it’s led them to remarkable places and we’re confident that it will take them further still – as they find their voice and their animating spirit we hope that Columbus is never far from their hearts and their minds.

To craft this beer we sat down with Angela, Chris and Billy to pick their brains about the beers they love and why they love them. At its heart we built a classic Midwest IPA – with a maltier sense than a coastal IPA and with heavy doses of Centennial to give it a piney, resin nose. We backed up the Centennial base with notes of citrus and spice from Chinook and Cascade and finally topped it off with the lightest touch of Simcoe to lighten everything up and give it just a hint of West Coast. It’s our answer to the question of where can we go from here – both for our beer and for Angela and the Howlin’ Moons – we hope you all enjoy it.

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