A Community of Support

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A Community of Support

The two questions we were asked most often from the time we opened were – “Are you guys going to do a Christmas Ale?” and “When are you going to do a Pumpkin beer?”

We knew right from the get go we’d need to produce a Christmas beer – and thus Tannenbaum was born (and yes, we’re brewing it again this year – it went into a tank today as a matter of fact). But the pumpkin question has always plagued us – as the beer schedule has turned to seasonal domination the pumpkin slot has moved earlier and earlier until this year when the first pumpkin beers started hitting shelves in July.

Some of you might not be aware of this but pumpkins aren’t actually ready in July – in fact we’d need pumpkins in early June which is pretty close to when the plants first peek out of the dirt in Ohio. It’s easy to produce a Summer hefeweizen earlier in the year – it’s mainly the same ingredients that you’ll find in any other beer. But a pumpkin beer is a different thing altogether – it requires an agricultural product that is only available locally at a specific time of the year. And if you aren’t including pumpkin in your pumpkin ale what are you really making? Spiced up brown ale?

We always said we’d never make a pumpkin beer because we knew we’d never be able to do one the way we wanted to and have it be available when it needed to be ready. But when our friends at the Canal Market District approached us about doing a beer to celebrate their first successful year we knew what beer it had to be. A pumpkin beer is a beer about community – from how it’s grown and harvested through it’s iconic use at Halloween and finally into it’s truest form – Pumpkin Pie at Thanksgiving.

Our first Pumpkin beer comes from a wellspring of community in the classic pumpkin way – in paying homage to the Canal Market District which has created such a deep, local food community in Newark to the group of farmers who supplied us with our pumpkins to Moe’s in Granville who let us invade their kitchen on a quiet night to roast 150 pounds of pumpkin. We owe a great deal of thanks to our community, both for helping us make this beer and also for supporting us since the first day we opened our doors. We can’t think of a better way to say thank you than with a beer that embraces that community.

We hope it lives up to what you’ve asking us to make for the last few years and we hope that you see your community reflected in every glass – we hope you enjoy every last drop.

With a huge helping of gratitude to:

The Canal Market District
Bird’s Haven Farm
Birney’s Miracle Farm
Hollerin Oaks Farm
Marywood Farm
Restoration Acres
Saum Family Farm
Moe’s Orig. BBQ of Granville

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