Artists Series: Galactic Heroes IPA

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Artists Series: Galactic Heroes IPA

There’s this delightful sub-genre of Indie music that has always been one of my favorite – it’s called Twee and it’s the Indie answer to bubble gum 45’s. Some of the masters of the genre are actually pretty well known – Belle & Sebastian, Tullycraft, Camera Obscura…. Ok, so “well known” might be a little relative, but that’s neither here nor there.

The Galactic Heroes were this bizarre constellation of musicians that came together one day and shredded out a pair of absolute masterpieces of Twee discs. It’s the kind of music that just makes you want to bop and dance and shake your butt.

So it was a daunting task, trying to capture this essence of happiness in a beer. I put on my thinking cap and went to work – I thought about a lawnmower beer but that didn’t seem quite right. I thought about a couple of lager possibilities but lagers seem like such a grown-up beer. So, IPA it was. But that’s a big universe of flavor. I sat down with my hop catalogs in a back corner of the brewery and cranked up one of The Galactic Heroes albums. And that’s when it came to me – a classic West Coast IPA.

Sure, West Coast IPA’s aren’t really my thing but – I’m a kid of the 80s and if Hanna Barbara and after school specials taught me anything it’s that making other people is its own reward. So, in the spirit of the happiest music I can think of – here’s the happiest beer I could think of. I hope you all enjoy it – it’s bursting with grapefruit, citrus, lemon and lime and it all gets pulled together by an awesome Old World yeast that drops just enough ester flavor to remind you that we’re drinking ale. None of these adult lagers for us. And then all of that is tied together in a big, hefty beer pushing up toward 7% ABV.

If it sounds like something up your alley (and it should), grab a pint at a bar or restaurant near you and then check out some of Galactic Heroes in this Spotify playlist.

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