Artists Series VI: Okkervil River

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Artists Series VI: Okkervil River

There are a handful of bands that have produced iconic albums of their genres – so many of them roll off the tongue – Exile on Main Street, Led Zeppelin III, The White Album, Ziggy Stardust, The Joshua Tree, Hotel California, Nevermind – all captured a moment in time and transfixed it in vinyl. For a group of us Black Sheep Boy holds that same spot in our hearts. A moment of clarity in the mid 2000’s when the Indie genre was finally reasserting itself. Giants like Death Cab for Cutie, the Strokes, Spoon and the National stalked the landscape putting out quality disc after quality disc. When Okkervil River put out their third disc in 2005 it was a clarion call announcing the return of craft to the Indie genre.

In the years before and since, Will Sheff has established himself as a central voice of the genre – from the haunted refrains of Black Sheep Boy through the elegiac strains of The Stage Names and the unbridled anger underpinning The Silver Gymnasium he has plumbed emotional depths that others would shy away from. And when it came time for us to craft a beer in homage we wanted to tinker in a space that we haven’t worked in – unfiltered American Wheat.

The American Wheat is an immensely broad category that covers a huge range of beers, from the hoppy Gumballhead and Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ through the classic Oberon, 80 Acre and UFO. More than other categories the American Wheat encourages exploration and creativity and we chose a path that hews to the classics. We started with a giant dose of wheat, a tiny smattering of hops and a classic American Hefeweizen yeast – to match those mild notes we brought along a huge helping of citrus peel and coriander. What comes through the dense, pillowy head is a light, sweet, sessional wheat beer with a mild maltiness, a short bitter and a delightful hint of orange, spice, clove and banana to round out the beer. We hope you enjoy the beer as much as we enjoy the music – a classic representation of the style for the beer and the music.

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