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Artists Series Vol. 8: Blonde on Blonde

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As I struggled to write this post I found myself stumbling and searching for a way to express what Dylan has meant to me over the years and what he has meant to nearly every artist who has followed him. Was he the young, fire throwing folk artist of Freewheelin’? The electric Judas of Bringing it All Back Home, Highway 61 and Blonde on Blonde? The mellower, contemplative Dylan of New Morning and Blood on the Tracks?

I don’t know, and I won’t pretend to be able to capture what he meant or means to anyone other than me – but for me he’s a storyteller of the ages. For me, he’s always been an artist exploding with stories, simply trying to find a way to capture his muse and their voices in song. Whether it takes the form of the … Read More »

Merry Tannenbaum!

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It’s time! We’ve been toiling away getting it ready, the brewery finally doesn’t smell like ginger any longer so we’re sure it’s ready. It’s the first time we’ve released this beer in bottles and we’re thrilled to announce that they’ll be available here at the brewery this Thursday, October 22 at 3 PM. We’ll have a little bit on tap so it’s available for pints but not for growlers. Come and hang out with us and join the Moe’s Orig. BBQ truck for some awesome grub.

Our Christmas Ale Tannebaum layers an insane dose of ginger with a combination of other spices to build a deep, entrancing spicy nose that just goes and goes and goes. Below that, we crafted a deep, caramel flavored malt note and backed it up with just enough hop bitterness and aroma to bring the whole … Read More »

3 MC’s Bottle Release

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We’re super stoked to announce that this Thursday, October 15 we’ll be releasing the first 22’s of Artists Series Volume VII: Three MC’s. If you’re looking to get a chance to sample our Double IPA or you’ve had it before and want to have it again – this night might be your only chance for a while. We’ve got a limited amount of the beer set aside for our taproom and we’ll be filling growlers until it’s gone. You’ll also be able to purchase 22’s while supplies last.

So join us on Thursday for an awesome night of Double IPA’s and sliders from the Dashing Diner ladies – it should be an awesome evening!

Artists Series Vol. 7: 3 MC’s

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I still remember when I was a kid and we’d go out to dinner we would always pester my Dad to take us to the record store and buy us each a record. Inevitably he’d fall for it and we’d all walk away with the latest and greatest by Irene Cara. Being the youngest I wasn’t allowed to buy records and had to buy cassettes, but when I finally got the go ahead to buy an actual LP that I could play on my parents’ stereo there was no question what my first choice was – Licensed to Ill. At the time even to their biggest fans they seemed like a flash in the pan. Hilarious, irreverent, delightful but ultimately short-lived.

Paul’s Boutique slid under my radar until I was already in college but Check Your Head landed in my consciousness … Read More »


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A gigantic thank you to everyone who came out and made Wing War 2015 an awesome event. We’d especially like to thank all of our partners for coming and taking part in the event. Without their creativity and hard work we wouldn’t have had any event at all:

Buxton Inn
Granville Inn
Mai Chau
Moe’s Original BBQ
Pappy’s Grill on 79
The Red Oak Pub

And we’d like to extend a gigantic thank you to our judges who shall remain anonymous – but you know who you are and we’re very very grateful that you took time out of your busy lives to come and help.

Without further ado – the results:


First Place: Mai Chau
Runner Up: Buxton Inn

First Place: Mai Chau
Runner Up: Pappy’s

First Place: Mai Chau
Runner Up: Moe’s Orig. BBQ

People’s Choice

First Place: Moe’s Orig. BBQ
Runner Up: Mai Chau

First Place: Moe’s Orig. BBQ
Runner Up: Mai Chau

First Place: Moe’s Orig. … Read More »

Wing War 2015

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In the brewery we are all big believers in keeping things local when we can – we work hard to find Ohio suppliers for as much of our production needs as possible. So it’s no surprise that we’re big boosters of the Licking County 30 Mile Meal program. It’s a fantastic program dedicated to connecting local food suppliers with restaurants across the county to promote the amazing things available in Licking County.

We’re super thrilled to join their Local Foods Week this year with an event dedicated to the things that make Licking County so great. We’re partnering with six local restaurants to host the first (hopefully annual) Wing War! Those six restaurants will be competing to see who makes the best wings in Licking County in three categories: Classic, Original and Local.

Classic wings are exactly what you’re imagining – chicken … Read More »

The Return of 740

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We’ve done a few beers over the two years we’ve been open that have instantly won a loyal, passionate following. We always hope that we can bring them back but it’s always so difficult to fit them into our pressed schedule. But 740 has always held a super special place for me and it’s been the beer I’ve been most impatient about bringing back into the rotation.

Right when we thought we could bring it back our main malt supplier stopped shipping a key ingredient. It took months of work to find a substitute supplier, line everything up and find the right hole in our schedule but it’s finally here.

Come and join us as we celebrate the re-release of 740 Pre-Prohibition Lager on Thursday, June 25. We’ll tap the first keg of it at 3 PM sharp and we’ll pour … Read More »

Artists Series VI: Okkervil River

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There are a handful of bands that have produced iconic albums of their genres – so many of them roll off the tongue – Exile on Main Street, Led Zeppelin III, The White Album, Ziggy Stardust, The Joshua Tree, Hotel California, Nevermind – all captured a moment in time and transfixed it in vinyl. For a group of us Black Sheep Boy holds that same spot in our hearts. A moment of clarity in the mid 2000’s when the Indie genre was finally reasserting itself. Giants like Death Cab for Cutie, the Strokes, Spoon and the National stalked the landscape putting out quality disc after quality disc. When Okkervil River put out their third disc in 2005 it was a clarion call announcing the return of craft to the Indie genre.

In the years before and since, Will Sheff has … Read More »

Cornhole Signup

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Starting in May we will be hosting the first Summer Cornhole League nights. Every Tuesday and Thursday, league players will be able to play and score points towards the seasonal championship. The top 4 teams will enter the championship in a single-elimination tournament and prizes will be awarded to all four teams that reach the championship.

The first season will run from May 12 through July 2nd and the second season will run from July 14 through September 10. Rules and regulations are listed below – anyone over the age of 21 can join. To sign up please email us at with a team name and player list.

The best part of all? Each time you play a league match you receive $1 off a draft pint to enjoy during the match.

Doubles Play in Leagues – all teams shall consist of … Read More »


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It’s finally time – the sun is shining, the birds are singing – I even mowed the grass for the first time this season. And all of those things are signs that outdoor beer drinking time has finally arrived. To celebrate we decided to put in some outdoor seating of our own.

It’s actually been in planning since the winter when we realized that the crowds have outgrown the taproom. We didn’t like that most Fridays and Saturdays people were coming in to grab a pint and some food truck awesomeness and they couldn’t even find a place to sit. Our hope is that the new outdoor area is going to fix that. The fence is up, the inspection is complete and the picnic tables are being constructed. We’re hoping to seat a ton more people once we open it – … Read More »

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