Homestead Beer Co.

It wasn’t ingenuity, or perseverance, or tenacity that helped the homesteaders succeed.

It was community.

They built their communities log by log, plank by plank and beer by beer.

It’s our mission to bring those connections back into your life. Your oldest friends, your co-workers, your new neighbors, and your family, rediscover the joy of community.

One beer at a time, across the entire state, we want to restore your bonds to place and time. Be here now ... with the ones you love and the ones you’ve just met.

Join us at a taproom near you for unique experiences, remarkable locally-crafted beer, exceptional service, and quality time with friends and family.

Private Events

Let us host your special day

From a converted school bus at Heath, to The Brewer's Loft and The Winchester Room - we've got a spot for any event you want to celebrate. Whether it's a 200 person wedding, a grad party, or just a chance to get together with your friends - we have a space designed just for you.

You can book your gathering right now or contact us to arrange your own private space for a celebration.

Beer tastes better when it's from here

From our water, to our grain, to our hops, and yeast - we build our beer plank by plank, with love, care, and attention to detail

And that love and focus shines through in every can, every glass, and every sample we serve.

On draft

In your home

Did you know that you can grab a fresh keg of Homestead from any of our taprooms? We make a limited amount of all of our keg offerings available for sale directly to the public.

If you're hosting a party and need a tap, we can provide that as well. Click through for our current list of kegs available.

The Taprooms

Heath, Canal Winchester, and Marysville

With more locations coming soon, you'll be able to relax and enjoy a Homestead Beer Co. draft in a town near you